Whats In The Water?

Seriously you guys are on FIRE! So many PRs over the last two months its crazy! We are very proud of all of you and how hard you are working. Not only are we seeing some great strength gains but gains in other areas too… skill work, oly lifts, gymnastics movements and more. Keep up […]

Bod Pod!

The BOD POD will be here on Saturday 10/11! Do you know how much lean muscle you have? How about your body fat %? No clue? Then come find out your full body composition. The initial test is $30 for a one time test and $60 for a test/ retest.  We will be posting more […]

October Is Almost Here!

Can you believe September is almost over? Time certainly flies by! Did you PR this month? If so don’t forget to write it on the board! We are hoping to beat the 105 PR’s we had in August. The next Mobility class will be held this Thursday at 5:00am… yes its early but you will […]

So Awesome!

Yes its Friday which is definitely so awesome… but you know what else is so awesome? All of our Food as Fuel peeps. We are a couple weeks into the challenge and we are already seeing some major changes… some of you are literally shrinking! The sugar detox is in full effect! So proud of […]

Snatch It Up!

STRENGTH/SKILL Every 2:00 for 10:00 1 Muscle Snatch (increase load each set) Rest 2:00 Every 2:00 for 10:00 1 Power Snatch (increase load each set) Rest 2:00 Every 2:00 for 10:00 1 Snatch (increase load each set) CONDITIONING AMRAP in 10:00 3 Snatch 6 Burpee Over the Bar Jumps 9 Pull Ups


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