Happy Wednesday!

The focus this week is primarily on Strength. We are doing a variation of Maxes which can be very taxing on the body… for that reason we are not doing any “Conditioning” today… OMG no conditioning!? Relax you will be fine and your body will thank you. If you don’t get tired from the squats […]


Congratulations are in order for Jaime Resser who gave birth to our newest member at Untamed… Baby Zayn was born on 08/23/14 weighing 7.6# and 19.5″ long! We couldn’t be more proud of you and can’t wait to meet the little man… PS she has already ordered plush WOD toys for him, and we are […]

“CrossFit Mountian”

Do you know the story behind how we chose the name Untamed? If you don’t then here it is… Why the name Untamed? and why the Mountain? Well its not just for looks and its not just because we wanted to be “bad ass” … The name “Untamed” came from Kurt’s Love for the outdoors. […]


Join us Saturday morning at 9:00am for a “Competitors” meeting… this is a meeting for anyone looking to do well in the Open, compete in local competitions, & Throwdowns, and challenge your self to take training to the next level. This isn’t for the “Elite” only… ALL levels are welcomed and encouraged to come. Saturday […]

Are You A Team Player?

THIS SATURDAY @ 9am… There will be a meeting for anyone doing the competitors training, or anyone who would like to train to do better in the Open or Local competitions & Throwdowns. This will be open to ALL LEVELS… Rx and Scaled divisions are usually an option at every competition… also for the upcoming […]


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