Who Says You Can’t?

I hate the word “can’t” … just say it, doesn’t it suck? Everything about it is negative. Unfortunately I hear it a lot at the box, and yes I am guilty of saying it too. How many times in your life have you thought “I can’t do that”… think about it I’m sure its a […]

Way To Go!

Awesome job on yesterdays WOD… Lots of great squats, handstands and pull ups. Keep up the hard work Wild Ones! STRENGTH Floor Press *Set 1 – 5 reps @ 60% of last week’s 1-RM *Set 2 – 3 reps @ 75% *Set 3 – 1 rep @ 85% *Set 4 – 3 reps @ 80% […]

Blast at The Ballpark!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Congrats to Tim, Chris Lewis, Tawny, Susan, Sam, Jon B, & Sara who competed this weekend at the “Battle at the Ballpark”. It was such a blast to compete against some rockstar athletes from all over the state! This was the first ever competition of its kind and […]


The weekend is here! Good luck to all of our athletes competing Saturday in the “Battle at the Ballpark” event! Watch the M’s game Saturday night in case they show clips from the workout or maybe you’ll see us in the stands! Also on TV Saturday is the footage from this years Spartan Race. Keep […]

Floor Press Anyone?

STRENGTH 20:00 to find 1 Rep Max Floor Press CONDITIONING 3x 750 M Row Rest 1:30


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