Got Water?

Happy Wednesday! we are half way through the week… this weather has been beautiful but also pretty hot. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Especially those of you that workout in the evening. Make sure the kiddos coming in for CrossFit Kids are staying hydrated too, please make sure to […]

Athlete Spotlight!

So last week Julie had a goal setting meeting with me, and after we talked we decided to take measurements… She hadn’t been measured since January, and has since then been focusing on eating right and getting stronger and more mobile in her workouts. Other coaches, athletes and myself have noticed over the past few […]

Benchmark Monday!

Happy Monday y’all! today we will be doing another Benchmark workout for your books. We want you to give it all you got! After spending all weekend watching the Games why wouldn’t you be? so we will be doing the conditioning portion first. Yoga tonight at 7:00 come get loosened up after all the squats! […]

Let The Games Begin!

The CrossFit Games kicked off earlier this week with the Masters competition… Then on Wednesday the teams and individuals headed to the beach for the first event. The rest of the competition begins today and will run until Sunday You can watch the events live on ESPN 3 or keep your eye on the games […]

Oly For All

Reminder that the Oly Class is open to all levels and does not count as one of your days! Also, the 4pm WOD is back on Thursdays… see you there! STRENGTH EMOM for 7:00 3 Touch and Go Power Cleans, start at 60# under your 1RM and add 5# each minute CONDITIONING 3 Rounds for […]


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