Bring A Friend Days!

Thats right … Day one of Bring A Friend Days is finally here! Hope everyone is as excited as we are. Friends and family may be a little nervous but just tell them to relax, it will be a blast! We will have complimentary Coffee and Spark for our morning crew as well as Beers […]

BAFD …One Day Away!

Don’t forget bring A Friend Days is happening Friday and Saturday! Don’t miss out on the fun. We will be doing partner based workouts that are easy enough for a beginner but challenging enough to make you sweat! The event is free for you and your friend. We will be having coffee and Spark on […]

Bonus On Bonus

Hey team! we’ve made it half way through the week… we are getting closer to BAFD! Thursday we will be doing the Everyday Warrior week 3 workout. This will be a Bonus Day for you IF you are registered for Everyday Warrior. Friday & Saturday is “Bring A Friend Days” … also bonus days IF […]

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Bring A Friend Days is only a few days away! Some of you have more than one or two friends lined up and ready to go… If you have more than one friend wanting to come on the same day no need to make them play Rock, Paper, Scissors, or arm wrestle for who gets […]

Be Our Guest…

Bring A Friend Days will be happening Friday & Saturday this week! All classes on Friday and 10am on Saturday! This is your chance to show your friends and family what its all about… They’ve seen you lose weight, get stronger, and talk about your “WOD” now they can experience the life for themselves! We […]


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