“Show me your Snatch”

We learned a lot at the Olympic Weightlifting Cert. So now we would like to share it with you! We are going back to basics with the Snatch. Lets face it, if you don’t have the technique down you are only cheating yourself! Warm ups will include “The Junk Yard Dog” The Burgener Warm up, and some skill transfer exercises. Watch each other and help out your fellow teammates!


5 rounds NOT FOR TIME (remember we are working on skill here)

3 DB Jump and Shrug

DB Right Arm Snatch

DB Left Arm Snatch

DB Right Arm Snatch and Lunge (Right then Left)

DB Left Arm Snatch and Lunge (Left then Right)

3 DB Power Snatch

Here we are with the founder of CrossFit Greg Glassman!


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