Boot Camp is PERFECT for anyone looking to get started with a fitness program, or get back on the fitness wagon.

Each Camp is 6 weeks in length, and we run 5-6 camps a year. During the 6 weeks you attend 2 one hour classes per week.

We cover different nutrition topics each week, as well as have you track your food so we can help you make changes to your diet in a healthy way.

Workouts are fun, effective, and we cover a variety of movements.

All movements can be scaled or modified to fit your ability level.

In boot camp you won't see any movements with the barbell. Which is where the program differs from CrossFit. You will see a variety of bodyweight movements, as well as Kettlebells, Dumbbells, & Medicine Balls. 
This is what makes it a great program for anyone looking to start a fitness routine, it also acts as a great transition into CrossFit for anyone wanting to build up some stamina.

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