CrossFit is so effective because it combines the element of group training with the expertise of a n individual coach. 

All Classes are lead by the coach. The Coach is there to help you learn, teach you proper form and technique, and be your "go to" for any questions or concerns.

The classes are a small group setting, so you get the energy and the fun of training as a group but you still get your own individual workout. This is also what makes training so fun... you gain friendships and build relationships with others in class. This is what makes up our crossFit community, but really we are more like family. 

Anything we do can be scaled or modified to fit your needs and goals. THIS is what makes CrossFit so unique.

Its also what sets CrossFit apart from the regular gym. You can have any limitation, or inability and we can find ways to work around it, and provide you with a solid training routine. 


Classes are one hour long, within the hour we cover, warm up, instruction of movements, strength, and conditioning, core work, mobility, or whatever we have planned for that day. 

Workouts are different everyday so you never get "stuck" in the same old routine.


If group classes aren't really your thing, or you have very specific goals and needs. we also offer Private Training.

Sessions range from 30-60 minutes and are scheduled by appointment only.

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