Friday 3/6

Front Squat

7 Sets of 1: 5-Pause Front Squat

Set 1: 50% Set 2: 55% Set 3: 60% Set 4: 65% Sets 5-7: 65-75%

Conditioning For Time: Teams of 2 12-9-6-3-6-9-12: Deadlifts 225/155# Bench or Floor Press 135/95#

One Athlete starts on the deadlift while the other starts on the Bench. Both will perform the 12 reps. once both athletes have completed the movement they will switch

Shout out to Savanna! She joined us back in October. She started with 4 days a week and quickly moved to Unlimited. She has made some serious strength gains in the short time she has been with us! She is proof that all you gotta do is show up, hold yourself accountable, have an open mind and good things will come! Its gonna be a great year for you Savanna!


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