Friday 5/17

TODAY is the day! We are celebrating 10 years of Fitness! The party begins at 3pm and will go until probably 7 or 8 You can join us for the full event, pop in and say hello, or just come hang! DJ Paradox will be rockin' the turntables

There will be snacks and beverages! If you would like to partake in the workout we will be doing Murph Here are the deets of the workout:

"MURPH" For time: 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Push ups 300 Squats 1 Mile run * 20/14# vest may be worn, and the Pull Ups, Push Ups, and Squats can be partitioned

So usually people will break up the pull ups, push ups and squats into rounds... 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Squats for 20 rounds is popular or even 10 Pull Ups, 20 Push ups, 30 Squats for 10 rounds

Time cap 60:00

a "half Murph" is an option 800 M Run 50 Pull Ups 100 Push Ups 150 Squats 800M Run Reps can still be partitioned

Or even Teams of 2-4 people can do the full or the half generally you can opt to run ll at the same time for the full distance or break up the running relay style and each to a portion of it. If you decided to do "rounds" you can alternate rounds or if you decide to go straight through you can just work one person at a time like we normally do to complete the reps in order.


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