Monday 1/20

Strength Re test 5 Rep Max Back Squat

Conditioning AMRAP 12:00 5 Strict Pull-ups 10 Overhead Squats (95/65) 15 Deadlifts (95/65)

Because its still January and now I'd usually the point where resolutions fizzle... We want to help you stay on track. For the next few weeks we will be focusing on Nutrition. Just some education, recipes, and even some tips & tricks This weeks focus: Cooking with COLOR See how many different veggies and fruits you can mix into your meals. Not only will your food look pretty... you'll be getting essential vitamins and fiber. Please share your pics and recipes! (Pictured is mango cabbage slaw... Cubed mango (we bought the frozen cubes and cut them up Red cabbage chopped Cilantro chopped Juice from a lime Mix and enjoy


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Thursday 10/1

Conditioning Every 5:00 (5 sets) 20 Back Rack Lunges (75/55) 20 Hang Power Snatches (75/55) 20 Toes to Bar

Wednesday 9/30

Strength 4 rounds 10 Single arm DB Floor Press (each side) 10 Bent-over DB Row (knee and hand on bench or box) 10 Lateral DB Shoulder Raise Conditioning "Treat yo self" 4 rounds for Time: 400m run 40

Tuesday 9/29

Strength 3 sets 30-60 Second Active hang 10-15 Deficit Push ups (45/25 plates for deficit) 8-10 Bulgarian Split squats (each side) Rest as needed between sets (1-2 mins) Conditioning "Everything hurts

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