Thursday 1/30

Conditioning 5 Rounds: 1 Minute Calorie Row 1 Minute Power Cleans 115/85# (Rx+ 135/95) 1 Minute Lateral Barbell Burpees 1 Minute Rest

B Vitamins There are 8 B vitamins all together. Most of them are not stored by the body so they need to be consumed. Without them our body lacks energy because they help your body utilize its fuel sources . Getting these vitamins goes hand in hand with our nutrition focus the last 2 weeks Cooking with color & protein While meats, eggs, & fish can be great sources of B Vitamins we can also get them from dark leafy greens! Spinach Broccoli Romaine Bok choy Collard greens & kale Try incorporating as many of these into your daily meals combined with proteins to be the ultimate B vitamin machine 🥦


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Friday 2/26

Accessory: 5 sets 5. Negative Handstand Push-Ups * Kick and perform the descent as slow and controlled as possible (have abmat under head), once at the bottom kip back up and repeat. If unable to kip

Thursday 2/25

Strength: 3 Position Cleans (hang, below the knee, floor): - 2 sets @ 70% 1RM Clean - 3 sets at 75% 1RM Clean or a heavy moderate weight * rest 60-90 seconds between sets * *complete unbroken* Conditi

Wednesday 2/24

Accessory work: 4 Rounds 10 Bench Press (at moderate weight) 12 bodyweight rows - bar on rig 15 V-ups “Flying V” Teams of 2 2000/1600 Rowing machine or 96/72 Calorie Assault Bike 125 Synchro Air Squat

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