Thursday 2/20

Skill work 10:00 to practice different variations of Pull Ups

Stirct, kippping, butterfly, etc... Conditioning

“Team Barbara"

In Teams of 2 AMRAP 20:00 20 Pull-ups 30 Push-ups 40 Sit-ups 50 Air Squats

SPRING NUTRITION CHALLENGE! Lets get Sexy for Summer Challenge begins 3/2!! Whats the goal? To teach you how and what to eat according you and your goals What you get? - 2 body scans (one in the beginning & one at the end) - Macros specifically calculated for YOU - Help with meal planning and advice - Education on specific topics - Accountability with your food log Its only $49 for members ($59 for non members in case you have any family & friends who might need a little help) How to get signed up? comment below or send us an email. After you have signed up you can go to Max Muscle ( 7017 NE Hwy 99 Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98665) between 2/20 & 2/28to get your body scan done. Tell her you are with our gym and doing the challenge, then bring your scan sheet to us (you will get it back) Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!


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Friday 10/30

Shoulder Press 3x3 Shoulder Press for load: #1: 3 reps @ 70% #2: 3 reps @ 80% #3: 3 reps + @ 90% A Quiet Place For Time: 30-20-10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 15-10-5 Overhead Squats (95/65) RX+ (1

Thursday 10/29

Accessory Work 3 rounds 10 Strict Pullups 10 Push ups RX+10 Deficit Pushups 15 Barbell Glute bridges Conditioning The Silence of the Lambs Teams of 2 2 Rounds 100 Stick Sit Ups *Partner dead ha

Wednesday 10/28

Clean & Jerk 1x1 10 minutes work up to Heavy Squat Clean and Jerk (squat) It 15:00 Amrap 150 yard Shuttle Sprint (25yard down and Back/50yard down and back) (OR 6x25 yard shuttle OR 10x15 yard shu

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