Thursday 3/18


***Mobility Challenge***

Accumulate 3 minutes total of each:

- Squat Hold

- Pull Up Dead Hang

Optional workout for Open Athletes:

Assault Bike "Arms Focused" Workout

2 sets:

75sec moderate, 1min easy (arms only),

75sec mod/fast, 1min easy (arms only),

60sec moderate, 1min easy (arms only),

60sec mod/fast, 1min easy (arms only),

45sec moderate, 1min easy (arms only),

45sec mod/fast, 1min easy (arms only),

30sec moderate, 1min easy (arms only),

30sec mod/fast, 1min easy (arms only),

-Rest: 2min b/t sets-


“Quick Silver”

Teams of 2

18-minute Amrap

80/60 Calories Assault Bike or (1250/1700)

50-yard dumbbell farmer carry (50/35)

30 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

*Minimum number of rounds before scaling: 2.5


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