Thursday 9/19

Capacity Builder

3 Rounds: 2 Minute Window: 15/12 Calorie Row 10 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups Max Wallballs (20/14)Rest 30 Seconds Between rounds

Active Recovery 3 Rounds, Not for Time: 20/14 Calorie Row 1 Minute Plank 20/14 Calorie Row 1 Minute Side Plank (Each Side) 20/14 Calorie Row 1 Minute Hollow Hold

Meet Jack... Jack is a hockey player. He has been working one on one with one of our coaches to gain some strength He comes once sometimes twice a week for 30 minutes The picture on the left was back in July of him Deadlifting 115# Today he pulled 140# with ease! Way to go Jack!


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Friday 9/18

Strength 10-15:00 to build to a 1RM Push Press Conditioning “Karen” For Time: 150 Wall Balls (20/14) RX+ “Heavy Karen” 150 Wall Balls (30/20) Accessory Work (if time allows) 3 sets 12 Dumbbell Bicep

Thursday 9/17

Strength 3 Rounds 10 Dumbbell Curtsy Lunge (each side) 10 Seated Alternating Dumbbell Z-press (each side) 30 second Hollow Hold Gymnastics 10:00 for QUALITY 2 Wall walks :20 wall-facing handstand h

Wednesday 9/16

Wednesday 20:00 to work up to a heavy Snatch (single) Body Armor 3 sets 10 Romanian Deadlifts 20 Front rack barbell walking lunge (10 each leg) Rest 2:00 between sets Midline 3 giant sets 50m double D

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