Tuesday 5/21

Gymnastics 10 Sets for Time: 30% of Max Strict HSPU

*we are aiming to rest as little as possible between the sets, all the while maintaining unbroken sets.

If for example, we have 20 unbroken strict handstand pushups, our workout is 10 rounds of 6 unbroken strict handstand pushups for time.

On the other side, if we have 5 or less reps, we can actually modify up. If we are completing for example 10 sets of 2 reps, we can modify to 3. Let's choose the appropriate option here so that we are challenging ourselves. If we are not completing strict reps today (to the floor), we have two options:

1.Elevated Platform Strict HSPU 2.Strict Presses with Dumbbells

Body Armor

4 Giant Sets:

7 Bench Presses (70%)

14 Glute Bridges

21 Barbell Good Mornings

Rest 2:00 between sets.


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