Fitness is a popular activity suiting people of all ages and physical conditions. It becomes not a hobby, but a lifestyle. Training allows you to improve your health, look better, and feel more alert. In addition to external indicators improve internally. Strength, flexibility, speed – these indicators increase progressively in people who go to the gym regularly!

The aim of the team is to assist you to find yourself in the sport and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. You can approach performance in many different ways. But the coaches at the club promote a healthy fitness culture.

Each visit to the club is first of all a meeting with people of similar views who support and motivate each other. The atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie between members does its job.

You are free to attend training on your own or with friends. So invite companions and let’s transform lives together with the coaches!

Different Membership Options

Crossfit is suitable for people of different ages and financial situations. The team has made the most convenient subscription system, allowing everyone to find something to their liking. No matter how much free time you have, we have what you need!

You can buy season tickets with no time limit and stay as long as you like. Two, three, or four-day passes per week are also available. Sometimes, making up your mind right from the start can be difficult, so there is an option to change your choices at any time.

So that time constraints don’t become an inconvenience for you, separate options have been prepared to freeze subscriptions and reschedule lessons. Visitors also get punch cards and weekly discounts. Everything is in the name of the convenience of customers!

The price pleasantly surprises most visitors! Management with great love approached the formation of a pricing policy. The price varies depending on the option you choose. Detailed information about the rates is available on a separate page.

But the best option is to contact a manager by phone and get a quick and personalized consultation. Our professional staff will help you choose the right options and guide you on the price, based on your needs and goals.

Availability of Personal Training

Group exercise classes are a more fun and effective way to get fit. They give you more energy and socialization with like-minded people, which is often lacking in regular sports classes.

But if you don’t want to share the equipment with someone or just want one-on-one time with a trainer, take the choice of private courses. They help you work through your goals in more detail and neutralize the discomfort of your specific limitations.

Sessions last from half an hour to one hour, depending on your needs and desires, as well as the trainer’s advice. To get into a solo training session, you should make an appointment live or by phone. Solo courses with a trainer cost a little more, but they also have discounts and loyalty programs!

Choose which way suits you and call us to learn better!

Better About Crossfit

Crossfit is a specific training program developed relatively recently to work with different muscle groups as effectively as possible. It was originally used in paramilitary structures such as the army and police, as well as to train emergency workers, including firefighters.

This fact suggests that exercises provide an opportunity to competently and effectively develop those skills and muscle groups often used in everyday life.

Regardless of the quality and quantity of the task at hand, hard fitness classes allow making them to happen. Want to get healthy and strong, lose weight, or just have a new experience? Sign up for a sports class and you can’t go wrong! The professional staff of the club is aimed at the fulfillment of your desires and uses available knowledge and equipment in the process of their earliest achievement!

Classes usually last no more than one hour and are supervised by an experienced coach. A program of exercises is prepared for each group or individual participant. It may not be boring or too easy. The complexes are exciting and moderately challenging and have the possibility of modification and scaling.

If you want to change the purpose of your classes, tell the trainer about it and he or she may advise how best to organize the process in the future.

The team monitors the implementation of main standards and may not allow injuries or ineffective execution of complexes. People with different levels of sports and restrictions can also join the community and try their hand at sports. There is a comfortable place for everyone!

Why Crossfit Untamed

Our gym proudly carries the title of the best in Vancouver. This has been achieved through a knowledgeable approach to each client and the selection of the best coaches from across the country!

The variety of equipment and ample help promotes you as an athlete and a strong, healthy person. Whatever your goals are, we will find a perfect approach and develop a unique exercise program.

Additional information will tell our managers. You can see by yourself all this by going to the gym and looking at the training with your own eyes. Do not hesitate! Come to us and experience the benefits of fitness in one bottle!

Do not hesitate!

To get a consultation and any information you are interested in, all you have to do is dial the manager’s number and ask a question. A trial workout or a tour of the gym does not bind you to anything but gives you a deeper understanding of the process.

Fill out the feedback form or make an appointment and a team of experienced trainers will help you fulfill your health and body dreams! Good luck and work out!