Special «Fitness with Friends» Day

Fitness is a complex sport that helps people maintain good physical shape in all conditions. There is no way to call it complicated because experienced trainers adapt the exercise program to the individual needs and capabilities of a person. People who come to our gym have noticed that their well-being and appearance have greatly improved since they started going to fitness regularly!

How to Make It Funnier

Fitness is a group sport in which activities are performed by several people standing in a circle at once. Maintaining the right pace helps you actively work for several muscle groups and shed more calories in one workout.

If working out in the company of strangers seems strange to you, why not use the services of friends? Every first Saturday of the month at ten in the morning the club holds an exclusive partner workout event. Pairing classes will make the pastime a lot more fun and enjoyable for you!

What Do You Get

The exercises are designed for different levels of training, including beginners and advanced athletes. Everyone is welcome to join the class with a mate and try their hand at it. If no one you know wants to join a fitness workout, don’t despair! The coaches will match you up with a companion from among the singles athletes.

Don’t expect training to be easy! Prepare to work hard and fruitfully. This is the only way you will have fun and feel your body in just one hour!

To make the atmosphere more like a party, the club offers participants free drinks and snacks after the exercises. This is a great opportunity to join the world of fitness and make new companions with like-minded people!

Training Line-up

The coaches love this event and make up a new workout program each time. On Saturday, participants will be introduced to interesting paired exercises, for different muscle groups. Plans are in the works:

AMRAP13 | Share Reps As Needed

  • 40/30 Cal Bike / Erg
  • 30 Dual DB Devils Presses (50/35)
  • 30 Dual DB Push Presses (50/35)
  • 30 Dual DB Step Overs (50/35 + 24″/20″)

4 minutes rest

  • AMRAP13 | Alternate Each Rep Besides Cals
  • 40/30 Cal Bike / Erg
  • 40 Partner Wall Balls (20/14)
  • 40 Partner Wall Ball Sit-Up Tosses
  • 40 Partner Push-Ups

Note that after each paired exercise, the mate must change. You do not need to bring ten acquaintances to keep you company. The club staff will find a partner for you if you need one!

How to Sign Up

Pre-registration is required to take part in the event. You can notify us about your desire by phone or through a special contact form. The club also has its own pages on social networks, where you can find out the necessary information and ask your questions!