The CrossFit Wild Child Camp Booking Is Open

Summer camps for kids are wonderful. They get a chance to socialize with their peers as well as learn some necessary skills. There are different types of centers, either focused on specific areas or on regular recreational bases. But sports sections hold a special place in the heart of every caring parent!

Summer is coming and you don’t know what to do for your juniors to spend time with pleasure and benefit? Our team rushes to help you by opening the annual Wild Child Camp!

What Is It All About

A sports center helps to encourage youths to lead a healthy lifestyle and teaches them how to manage their bodies and health. Crossfit is suitable for both kids and adults because the sets of exercises can be adapted to different categories of people. Teaching minors how to do the exercises correctly is an important activity that should be done as early as possible.

CrossFit helps athletes of all ages to effectively and quickly get their bodies in shape and improve their health. For juniors, it brings even more perks. After all, not heavy exercise at an early age ensures that a minor’s body is more comfortable to grow in the future. Do you want to ensure that youngster has a healthy life in the future? See what the offers are when you attend the center!

Each program is designed to teach the basic principles of maintaining an athletic body and the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. A total of eight groups are planned, with age-appropriate screening. During their work, students get to:

  • Cover the basic principles of movement;
  • Play games;
  • Learn basic sports skills;
  • Help teach kids the importance of CrossFit, teamwork, and coaching skills;
  • 2-3 coaches will supervise each class.

No overloading unplanned, and coaches will make sure all standards and tasks are completed in a quality and, most importantly, safe manner!

When the Event Starts

To allow as many kids as possible to join the event, the center opens its doors in the middle of each summer when students are not burdened by school and other obligations.
This year classes will be held every Wednesday and Friday morning in July. This is an ideal time to do limited physical activity with maximum benefit to the body.

Pricing Policy

Club management has a policy of affordability for everyone, so everyone will be able to find the right price plan.

Registration fee $175 (includes CrossFit Untamed Kids T-Shirt and Wild Child Camp sign)

Attendance fee = $25 per class

Perforated card for 4 sessions = $90

Don’t forget about regular discounts and loyalty programs that save significant amounts. To learn more, contact the organization’s managers by phone or on social media!
Sign up today, all the necessary contacts are below!